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Temporary Visitor Visa for Commercial (Multiple entry)


Applicants that fall under B. below who will go to Japan several times for a short period of time for business discussion at mother or sister companies located in Japan or to attend meetings or conferences and applicants that fall under B. below. NOT

B. Eligible Applicants

  • <1>Multiple entry temporary visitor's visa for commercial purpose A company executive or manager, or a company employee who has been working full-time for at least one (1) year in any of the following (including IT engineer):
    • (1) A public (Government) enterprise
    • (2) A private enterprise which is listed on the stock exchange (either PSE or Foreign Stock Exchange)
    • (3) A private Japanese enterprise which is based in Japan or has office in Japan, and also a member of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines
    • (4) A joint venture company, a subsidiary company or a branch office of a Japanese enterprise which is listed on the Japanese stock exchange
    • (5) A private enterprise with constant business transactions with a Japanese enterprise which is listed on the Japanese stock exchange
    • (6) Among the "Top 1,000 Philippine corporations in terms of gross revenue"
  • <2>Multiple entry temporary visitor's visa for artist and specialist in humanities
    • (1) An artist (Fine Art, Literary Art, Music, Stage Play, Dance), or a specialist in humanities (Literature, Law, Economics), or a scientist (Technology, Medicine etc), who is internationally well known or has relevant accomplishments
    • (2) An amateur sports player, nationally well-known or has relevant accomplishments
    • (3) A full-time professor, assistant professor or lecturer of a university or a college
    • (4) An executive or director of a national or public research institution or a museum
    • (5) A Senator, Congressman, Governor / Vice-Governor of a Province, City Mayor, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, Medical Doctor, Lawyer or Certified Public Accountant
    • (6) Immediate family member of applicants eligible for multiple-entry visa (spouse or child)


All documents must be original unless otherwise stated.

1. Philippine Passport

  • Broken passport is not accepted. Passports must be signed and must have at least two (2) blank visa pages.

2. Visa Application Form

  • Available at the OUR WEB SITE, at the entrance of the Embassy or at FRIENDSHIP TOURS.
  • Application form should be filled out all items correctly, If item is not applicable, please fill in [N/A]. Embassy may not accept application with blank item, no signature or no date in the form; may deny the application that is filled out incorrectly or wrong information.

3. Photo

  • Specs: 4.5cm x 3.5cm(2x1.4 inch),, with white background.
  • Photo must be taken within 6 months.
  • Please write applicant's name and birthdate on back side of the photo.
  • Photo must be pasted on the application form.

4. Employment Certificate/ Certificate of Membership

  • For self-employed applicants please submit a certificate of business registration

5. Social Security Card Copy

6. Applicant's Income Tax Return (ITR) (Form 2316) clear photocopy(latest)

7. Any Supporting Documents which proves that the applicant or applicant's company or institution falls under category B. above.

8. Explanation letter for requesting multiple entry visa (must be made by applicant)

  • Please fill in embassy prescribed form "Reason For Requesting Multiple Entry Visa", check items that apply and fill in reason for request.

9. Proof of relationship such as birth certificates and copy of passport and visa page of the multiple entry visa holder (parent or spouse) for B. 6.

10. Travel Order/ Dispatch Letter


If invited by Japanese counterpart, submit requirements 11 and 12

11. Invitation Letter

12. Business Registration /TOKIBOTOHON (must be issued within 1 year original or photocopy), Copy of the latest Quarterly Report(SHIKIHO), Company Brochure, Pamphlet or any outline of the company/organization.

  • If invited by an individual, submit employment certificate of inviter instead of 12 above.

13. Proof of activities in Japan (Contract, Transaction details, Conference Materials etc. )

  • If applicant's purpose is training, please submit the following documents that indicates the content of the training.
  • I Training acceptance agreement from the receiving company / organization
  • II Detailed program of activities from the receiving company / organization
  • i. Training necessity, method and content of the training
  • ii. Training location, schedule, period of training, person in-charge, language to be used

14. Daily Schedule in Japan(TAIZAI YOTEIHYO)

[If counterpart in Japan will shoulder any/part of applicant's travel expenses]

15. Guarantee Letter

[If Applicant is not Philippines nationality ]

16. Foreign residents with long-term or permanent status in the Philippines applying for a visa must submit, in addition to the above requirements (except birth and marriage certificates), a copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the Philippine government.

  • Visa application of foreigners who are on short-term (temporary) visa in the Philippines cannot be accepted. Please apply at the Japanese Embassy /Consulate General with jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant resides or over the country of which the applicant's passport was issued.
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