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Tourist visa

There are several types of entry visa.

It is necessary to choose your appropriate visa according to your purpose of your stay.
For required documents, there will be two different procedures such as 1. Travel expenses shoulder by applicant's friend, family member, company, or prescribed group and 2. travel expenses shoulder by applicant him/her self.
Click on the VISA Button according to your purpose of stay.


  • (validity of passport must be more than 6 months at the time of Departure from Japan.)

2. Check the list for a necessary documents.

3. To prepare necessary documents from Japan side.

4. To prepare, necessary documents from Philippines.

  • (You can download Samples of Application Forms here.)

5. Once you completed the requirements, you may submit all the requirements to FRIENDSHIP tours and resorts corporation For those living outside Metro Manila, you may use forwarder (LBC/OCS). For the payments, you may use LBC or other banking network.

6. FRIENDSHIP will proceed to Embassy of Japan once it is done with checking all the requirements.

7. For the result, it will take 5-7 working days after submitting of documents.

  • Embassy of Japan may request an applicant for additional document or personal interview after submitting all the documents, FRIENDSHIP will inform you for further information.

8. Either Releasing of Visa or Rejection of Visa, we will return your Passport.

  • As general Rule, submitted documents are not returnable. To request for submitted documents to be returned, please submit the Letter of Request for Returning of Documents.

9. Reservation for Air Ticket and Issuing of Air Ticket

10. Departure from Philippines to Japan

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